Starfish 1.0

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  • Licencia: Freeware
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  • Sistema: w95 w98 wNT wME w2000 wXP vista
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A simple thing in which a scared starfish stares continuously at the cursor.

Sitting at your computer for long hours, day after day, can be a lonely experience. early versions of Windows used to allow you to have a small animated character sitting on your desktop (a paperclip, a wizard etc), which provided a little friend to keep you company. These days Windows is far more serious and so you find yourself alone again. But if you are looking for something to add entertainment to your desktop at work, or even something for your kids, you should look at this Starfish 1.0. Starfish 1.0 is a simple program which installs a starfish which is always look towards the cursor. You can choose its behaviour (curious or scared) by pressing the space bar on the keyboard, any other key to end the program execution.

Starfish 1.0 will always look in the direction of your mouse cursor, wherever it is. it is very easy to install, as it will set up an icon in the taskbar.

Starfish 1.0 only works when activated. Until then it remains asleep sitting in the icon in your taskbar.

So there you have it. If you are looking for something fun to brighten up your desktop and to keep you entertained, you could do worse than this Starfish 1.0. And the best bit about this whole program is that you can download it absolutely for free! So what are you waiting for? Get it now and start living!


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